Coffee, my love language… Haha, just kidding! I’m just OBSESSED. Coffee snob doesn’t even begin to describe me, but let’s start there… Talk about a life staple!

Yes, I’m perfectly happy to admit that I am a MAJOR coffee snob! I only drink good, solid coffee. I’d rather completely skip the coffee all together than put bad coffee in my mouth. Ugh. Starbucks is TOO BASIC for me. Living in LA, there a fair few solid coffee shops I tend to frequent when I make the time, and here they are –


Literally, the most PERFECT combination of caffeine and taste. No matter what you get from a Gibralter to a Vanilla Almond milk Latte, you will not be disappointed! Trust me 😉

Most of the time, when you drink more than 1 cup a day, this basically means the coffee is not good enough… So, I will order my fav, the Vanilla Latte in a regular size and be set for the ENTIRE DAY! Yes, ALL day… Quality over quantity people.


Two words, actually three… Iced. Latte. Sweetened. SO GOOD! No joke, the best iced latte I’ve ever had. There’s only one simple sweetener they use (not vanilla), but that’s what I think makes it really good. The simplicity and basicness is the secret sauce. Oh, it does taste good hot too!

Now, Verve is a rare come across in LA, there are only a few in the city. The only one I frequent is the one off of 3rd ST. Sadly, I will visit once a month, typically when I visit my eyebrow guy at the Benefit Brow Bar. Definitely worth the drive and hunt for parking! Never had anything other than the latte, but I trust every drink is good, strong coffee.

Also, the coffee roasters originated in Santa Cruz, and I had the opportunity to make a stop at where it all began.


Heard so much about this place, which is another coffee shop that’s scarce in LA, but worth the trip. A couple months ago, I finally headed over and it did not disappoint! The coffee is good, solid, strong and the vibes are legit.


If you couldn’t already tell, when it comes to coffee I am a latte girl. But a solid latte that’s the perfect balance of caffeine and sweet. Lately, I’ve been swapping the soymilk for almond and I am totally into it! This makes the latte less fattening and full of sugar, without compromising the taste like soymilk does…

Basically the purpose of this post is that small, not commercial chain, and local coffee shops (typically found on IG) are where you can find the BEST coffee!

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I’d love to know of any more I should try, like Carrera Cafe on Melrose!

Xox, Rain


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