caramel apple sangriaSangria is the way to this girl’s heart! Well, at least one of the ways during the Fall season. Who doesn’t love caramel and apples together?! The PERFECT combination, and pair that with a good white wine, equals pure magic!

If you haven’t figured it out already I LOVE Fall!! So, of course I just had to have a seasonal cocktail… Ma’ girls, you’ll know 😉 Spoiler alert, it’s a Caramel Apple Sangria!! Yes, CARAMEL!

I love most all things that have something to do with caramel. Currently my go-to Starbucks drink is an iced almond milk latte with caramel drizzle, SO good. Back to that sangria…

The recipe is perfect for two! Head to your local Trader Joes, or market and grab:

  • 2 LARGE APPLES (or 3 SMALL, depending on your love of apples)
  • WHITE WINE (preferably your favorite)

Ok, FIRST make sure the wine and cider are CHILLED. Now, chop the apples! Set aside.

(Frankly, for this next part it works best to combine in a separate pitcher, but depending on your glass it’ll work. Personally, I did it in each glass, so multiply the measurements by 2x if you use a pitcher.)

Then you’ll pour 1- 2 CUPS of white wine and ½ – 1 CUPS of apple cider into each glass (or pitcher, 2x). The amount basically depends on your taste for the booze! If you prefer the taste of your favorite wine more, than you should definitely add 2 CUPS! Lol.

Finally, add ½ TBS of the caramel sauce to both glasses and stir. For those of you who prefer a *non-alcoholic* version, feel free to only use the Apple Cider.

Enjoy with you friend or bae… or self! Happy Fall 🙂

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Xox, Rain


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