Photo courtesy of Tiffany Liu

Tiffany Liu, the next major travel infLIUencer! Traveling is an adventure, an adventure where anything can happen, the ultimate feeling of bliss. Who wants to do what’s expected? That’s no fun!

“I want to explore our planet before I’m gone.”

On Instagram, the photos that grace her feed are nothing less than impeccable and GOR-GE-OUS! Each photo brings a bright and positive vibe into the day of each of her over 24k+ followers! But when it comes to being an Influencer, she doesn’t see yourself as one.

Working a full-time job and traveling the world doesn’t come easy, but if you check out her Instagram, she makes it seem effortless.

So, then what does she consider herself?

Let’s meet –

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Liu

Culture, this is her why. The only reason worth traveling, to be immersed in new and different traditions, food and most importantly, people.

No matter where you want to go, there’s always a way to make it happen. The word travel just screams MAJOR dollar signs to most, but Tiffany believes traveling doesn’t require that much of your money. Back in the day, Tiffany would work two jobs while in college and still managed to take a two-week vacay once a year! Just be smart about how you’re booking and the activities you plan. Contrary to belief, she’s actually not traveling all the time.

But, how?? These are her tips…

For the record, Tiffany’s my GO-TO person whenever I’d have a travel question. Just sayin’, she knows exactly what she’s talking about. One of her most important travel hacks is to ONLY pack a carry-on, on international trips. Crazy right?! To me, that’s the only time I feel it necessary to bring a checked bag.

But for Tiffany, less is more… And more means more time spent discovering a new city or country and less time at the airport (and to carry, of course).

The second important travel hack is to download Google Maps of the places you plan on going so you are able to access, even when you don’t have service.

Tiffany warns against joining tours and if you do decide to go to popular sites, go early in the morning before the tourists hit the streets! This doesn’t sound too fun, but trust me, it’s worth overcoming the hardship of getting up early for the gain a better experience.

So, how does TiffersLiu plan out her exploration? TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor is her go-to site to discover the top-rated things to do and see. They give her the outline and she fills in the details. For the foodie in her, the locals are the way to go. Locals are always keen on knowing the best food in town, and if one isn’t available, she’ll enlist the help of Yelp.

Finally, the best kept secret… Rooftop bars! (Her and I are one in the same for this one) I love them for the view, and they’re perfect for taking breathtaking photos of the place you’re exploring.


Photo courtesy of Tiffany Liu

Oddly enough, she doesn’t consider herself to be one. Even so, working full-time and traveling, all while maintaining that strong feed can be a lot to manage, but Tiffany makes it work cohesively.

Traveling on weekends, long or short is key and taking a vacation is a MUST! There’s never a trip that goes by where she doesn’t take a 1M+ photos. Of course, living in a city like LA helps, A LOT. There’s TONS of cool places to visit in the city, from restaurants to museums, cafes, beaches… Tiffany takes advantage of this and enjoys sharing things all around the city she calls home.

Alright, let’s get to the real question most want to know… What does it take to be a successful travel influencer? (on the Gram)

Take the road less traveled, literally! Tiffany visits towns and places most people haven’t been. Remote places and never before seen destinations draw in a new perspective on the culture, food, and arts. #DoItForTheGram

Crafting the “perfect” photo, edits and caption all in one post is an ART FORM. So far, this is a skill she’s mastered…for the most part, at least. The process can be nerve-wracking and still tends to give her anxiety (basically, same). Tiffany believes there’s always room for improvement.

Don’t be SO basic to where you’re only posting scenery pics—there’s plenty of those to go around. (We’ve all seen that same Eiffel Tower photo in our feed) If you want to stand out, do something less #basic.

What about those captions doe?!

Captions are the MOST DIFFICULT part of crafting the perfect Instagram post. Everyone has their own why of crafting one, Tiffany’s is simple. Don’t even try. Yes, #thatswhatshesaid! Whatever is the first thing that comes to her mind when looking at the photo is the caption.

Apparently, it’s always been that easy?

And of course, make sure there’s plenty of content for those regular ol’ days at home. Be smart about posting your pics, I know this to be hard and true for myself because I get so excited to share! Tiffany is strategic about posting her photos, she takes her time to post, one at a time and makes sure it best represents her feed at the time of posting.

Explorative, mysterious and positive are three simple words to describe her Instagram, even with her ever-changing style. Her goal is to keep the mood to “wander” alive and well.

Photo(s) courtesy of Tiffany Liu

Here’s a quick round of questions I’d thought her followers would like to know –


Iceland because the land there is so alien to what I’ve seen. Everything I saw was so unique to Iceland that it felt like I was on a different planet. I remember it being very quiet with very little traffic and it was peaceful.


I really want to go below the equator. Anywhere in Africa or South America. Would love to visit the Maldives one day as well.


Beach bunny!


I subscribe to Scott’s Cheap Flights and Travel Zoo. I check flight prices on Kayak and Google Flights, then book directly on the airline site. Depending on the destination, sometimes I book from the airline’s country site and then Google translate to make sure I’m booking correctly. For example, Norwegian Airline flights were cheaper on the Norway site, but more expensive on the English site.


Phone – Snapseed or VSCO and Laptop – Photoshop Lightroom


Tsujita Ramen, Guisados, SugarFish, Din Tai Fung, Mario’s Peruvian, Pa Ord, Bestia


With good lighting and good presentation… Flat. Lay.


Intelligentsia, Cognoscenti, Blue Bottle, and Philz Coffee


I can time travel… Jk!

Fun random fact… Tiffany created an Instagram for her cat!

So, what’s next for Tiffany? Continuing to travel, learning to take even better photos, and of course, taking you along with her 🙂

And for you fellow travel and food influencers the one piece of advice she has to offer is… Post GOOD. CONTENT.

Hope you enjoyed learning more about my wonderful friend, TiffersLiu!

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Xox, Rain


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